Pharmaceutical Spray Drying and Formulation Services

Upperton is a specialist contract service provider focussed on using spray drying to develop novel delivery solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.


With 20 years of experience behind us we have a world-wide reputation in pharmaceutical spray drying. Our customers come to us from around the globe yet they all share one goal, the wish to evaluate the use of spray drying as an answer to their formulation challenges.

Upperton's Technology Solutions using spray drying for small molecule and biological therapeutics include:


Stabilisation of biologicals

Improved bio-availability by producing spray dried dispersions

Encapsulation to modify PK/sustained release

• Particle engineering for pulmonary and nasal delivery 

• Cost effective drying to produce dry powders for capsules and tablets 


To cater for your needs, we provide a range of pharmaceutical development services from pre-formulation to clinical trial manufacture that will precisely meet your requirements, no matter how large or small your project.

Upperton's dedicated approach enables us to offer our clients a rapid, cost effective spray drying service that is designed to solve the formulation problems that your drug may hold. We offer simple terms and conditions and pride ourselves on the ability to move quickly and effectively towards the answer that you are seeking.


For more information please contact:  

Richard Johnson, CEO 


T: +44 (0) 115 787 0175