"Quality by Design for the Scientists in the Benches and Trenches"

QbDWorks is a community of professionals, working in Life Science advancing Quality by Design (ICH Q8 R2)
If you’re new to Quality by Design (QbD) or Process Analytical Technology (PAT) — Welcome to QbDWorks!
I’m Sun Kim, PhD — the Experimenter of Quality by Design (QbD) — testing and sharing what works (and what doesn’t).
There’s hype in any initiative . QbD is no exception. My goal for this website is to take out the fluff and get to the core essence of QbD — and share it with others along the way. As a QbD practitioner myself, I personally strive to push beyond theory and seek results.
This page contains the information you need to get up to speed quickly and start your organization’s QbD initiative.