Solving the of particle coating challenge by counting

About DATA

Established in 2002, DATA Detection Technologies Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets advanced bulk counting solutions. DATA’s R&D team includes multidisciplinary professionals in electro-optics, electronics, software and mechanical engineering, all contributing their knowledge to develop unique, innovative bulk counting solutions with several new applications per year. DATA’s proprietary bulk

counting and packaging systems are presently used by over 1,700 customers worldwide in the pharmaceuticals, diamonds, seeds and small parts industries.


DATA ICI (Imaging Counting Inside) Technology

DATA’s core technology is based on real-time image processing of multiple objects as they fall. This technology enables fast, accurate and reliable bulk counting and packaging of small items. The

system can handle a wide variety of objects. With DATA’s systems, products do not need to be separated over separate lines, nor do they need to be fed one by one or paced at specific intervals, as is often the case in conventional counting systems, they are, in fact, counted in bulk. Counting rates of up to 25,000 objects per minute can be achieved for different shaped objects as small as 0.5mm, while the systems’ advanced mathematical algorithms ensures nearly 100% accuracy.


Solving the of particle coating challenge by counting

In the past two decades, functional coating of small particles such as granules, pellets and mini-tablets has become an integral part of pharmaceutical development and production. However, the coating process introduced challenges concerning IPC and weight gain. Researchers typically work with theoretically calculated weight gain as well as “trial and error” experiments, supported by PSD measurements.


The traditional solution to this challenge derived from the tablet coating process, where tablets are usually counted in batches of 100 tablets, with repeated weighing during the process. The calculated average weight of one tablet shows when the target weight gain is reached.


But when particles had to be counted, the same procedure was impossible to follow due to the need to count thousands of particles.


The innovative solution to this problem came from DATA’s Pellet Counter, which allows users to count large amounts of particles.

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