Product Development and Contract Manufacturing of innovative Granulates and Pellets

IPC Process-Center GmbH & Co. KG  develops your tailor-made bulk products in form of granules and pellets for various applications. With long-term experience in process development, scale-up and commercial production we quickly bring your ideas to the market. In six separate manufacturing lines we are processing multiple additives for food, feed or fine chemical industries as well as added-value pharmaceutical excipients or solid dosage forms with respective manufacturer’s authorization (§13 AMG). Furthermore, as a member of the Glatt group, we can offer a link to expert partners when growing market  allows for the installation of your own production line.


IPC will develop and manufacture your product using the following technologies:

Pharmaceutical Excipients

IPC can Support you with expertise and services to achieve added value exipients such as:

  • Ready to use excipients for tableting and coating
  • Co-processed excipients with higher functionality
  • Innovative Pellets for drug layering and targeted release
  • Value-added API's with improved processing properties


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