Expertise in high quality Sugar Spheres for the pharmaceutical industry

since 1968


Since 1968 we provide high quality Sugar Spheres for the pharmaceutical industry.

Sugar Spheres are also known as Neutral Pellets, Neutral Cores, Non Pareil Seeds, Microgranules, Sugar Beads and Microspheres.

Thanks to our expertise and best technologies for coating processes including “Air Spraying Systems“, we guarantee high sphericity and mechanical endurance, which are key parameters for the production and high performance of the finished medicine.

DMF number: 28032

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Pillules (globules & Granules ) for Homeopathic preparations

Since 1996, Emilio Castelli S.a.s. has started specializing in the manufacturing of globules and granules for homeopathic preparations.


Many years of experience as producers of Sugar Spheres has led to the development of these inert, granting them a better quality, sphericity and homogeneity which are all important features to grant the best impregnation of the homeopathic substances.

Our globules and granules are manufactured in accordance to European Pharmacopoeia and American, in two different types: globules and granules in pure sucrose ore made of both sucrose and lactose.

The aim of our company has always been to meet and satisfy our customer's needs: this is why we always do our best to be able to

grant a product that is custom-made for each client, at the same

time in compliance to standard and international specifications. 

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