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Colorcon’s core business is the design and technical support of advanced coating systems, modified release technologies and functional excipients for pharmaceutical dosage forms. With Colorcon as a development partner, customers produce cost-effective, high quality products with superior performance and appearance.



Advancing Film Coating Technology

Founded on a commitment to technology, research and development, Colorcon is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our pharmaceutical products and services. To that end, our company has played a vital role in the advancement of film coating technology and functional excipients for the pharmaceutical industry.

Winner of 2017 CPHI Award: Excellence in Pharma: Excipients

Colorcon Hits the Target on Tablet Film Coating Productivity

Opadry QX, Quick and Flexible film coating reduces preparation and production times, ensuring coating process efficiency and cost savings in all types of equipment, from traditional to continuous coating. The system can be applied across a broad range of process conditions and always results in a premium quality finish for tablets.

The commercial impact of the process and equipment flexibility offered by Opadry QX means that pharmaceutical companies can easily transition the manufacture of drug products across sites, overcoming challenges often met with equipment differences. Capital investment may also be deferred through more efficient equipment utilization as productivity demand increases. As an industry leader, Colorcon also makes a point of sharing its expertise through a variety of ongoing educational courses, seminars and symposiums. These efforts all support a common goal: To help our customers succeed in the highly competitive and increasingly global pharmaceutical market.

Leading in Education

The recently established Colorcon Academy offers a series of professional programs developed to increase your technical knowledge and regulatory understanding in the areas of film coating, core formulation, excipient selection and controlled release of solid oral dosage forms. Held at Colorcon’s 21 conveniently located technical facilities worldwide, each program provides an excellent opportunity to augment your learning close to home, with interactive sessions using a range of laboratory and product equipment.  Or, personalized seminars to meet your company’s specific requirements are offered on-site at your location. This provides an essential and cost-effective targeted training resource for your organization. Read More



Extensive Global Coverage

Colorcon’s worldwide network of technical service laboratories and experts bring solutions to our customers when and there they are needed. We have positioned our business offices, manufacturing

facilities and technical service laboratories in strategic locations around the world to ensure fast, timely access to the high quality products and services that customers demand today. Our 11 manufacturing facilities including film coating plants, 21 technical service laboratories globally and more than 1200 employees are exclusively dedicated to our customer base.


From Core to Coating, Your Supplier of Choice
Colorcon has a firm commitment to providing best-in-class pharmaceutical products and services to support all phases of solid dose design and development, along with superior technical support dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs.


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