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Co-Processed Excipient Guide Overview

Webinar: Introducing the Co-processed Excipient Guide!

Friday, December 15, 2017 - 11:00am to 12:00pm EST


Featuring Joseph Zeleznik, Manager of Technical & Regulatory Affairs, Meggle USA, Inc., and Chair, IPEC-Americas QbD Committee 



IPEC-Americas and IPEC Europe have jointly published a guide for excipient makers and users on co-processed excipients. This guide offers best practice and voluntary guidance on the development, manufacture and use of co-processed excipients and provides support to both manufacturers and users of co-processed excipients.


Webinar Objectives:

  • Provide history of co-processed excipients (CPE)
  • Discuss the need for a CPE Guide
  • Discuss and define single-entity, mixtures/blends, and CPEs
  • Are CPEs new or novel?
  • Discuss regulatory implications of CPEs
  • The Co-processed Excipient Guide organization and content
  • List and discuss benefits of the Co-processed Excipient Guide
  • Present CPE case study

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Excipient Manufacturers: Practical Techniques for Conducting Risk Assessment

IPEC Americas

December 7-8 2017 @IPEC-Americas Headquarters, Arlington

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9th Global Drug Delivery & Formulation Summit

12 – 14 March 2018 | Berlin


11th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology

19 March to 22 March 2018 | Granada, Spain

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