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Freeze-drying of Monoclonal Antibody-Conjugated Gold Nanorods: Colloidal Stability and Biological Activity


Effect of powder properties on the aerosolization performance of nanoporous mannitol particles as dry powder inhalation carriers


Rheological and mucoadhesive properties of polysaccharide from Bletilla striata with potential use in pharmaceutics as bio-adhesive excipient


Main functionalities of lipid excipients for oral drug delivery


Evaluation of Affinisol® HPMC polymers for direct compression process applications


3rd International Conference on Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Development of a new formulation of roflumilast for pulmonary drug delivery to treat inflammatory lung conditions


Methacrylated chitosan as a polymer with enhanced mucoadhesive properties for transmucosal drug delivery


Towards a better understanding of solid dispersions in aqueous environment by a fluorescence quenching approach


Biopolymers and Their Composites for Drug Delivery: A Brief Review


Powder Flow Course


Select the most appropriate lipid pharmaceutical excipient


Exploring a Modern Control Strategy for Wurster Coating


Lipid nanoparticles: A challenging approach for oral delivery of BCS Class-II drugs


The Effects of Fillers and Binders on the Accuracy of Tablet Subdivision


Demystifying Technically Unavoidable Particles (TUPs) in Excipients


Pickering emulsifiers based on hydrophobically modified small granular starches Part II –

Effects of modification on emulsifying capacity


Impact of presence of excipients in drug analysis in fed-state gastric biorelevant media


Using a material property library to find surrogate materials for pharmaceutical process development


Impact of blend properties on die filling during tableting


FDA Proposes Process Modernization To Support New Drug Development


Pellet Power


Challenges and innovations of delivering medicines to older adults


Electrospun amorphous solid dispersions of poorly water-soluble drugs: A review


A multivariate raw material property database to facilitate drug product development and

enable in-silico design of pharmaceutical dry powder processes


Material Understanding for Continuous Manufacturing of Solid Dosage Forms


API Stability in Solid Dose Formulation – the Myth of Inert Excipients


Drug Delivery from Multiphase Systems - a BASF video


Design, in vitro/in vivo evaluation of meclizine HCl-loaded floating microspheres targeting pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting


Enhanced supersaturation of chlortetracycline hydrochloride by amorphous solid dispersion


Polymer Gels in Vaginal Drug Delivery Systems


Particle engineering of needle shaped crystals by wet milling and temperature cycling: Optimisation for roller compaction


Aerosolized Surfactants: Formulation Development and Evaluation of Aerosol Drug Delivery to the Lungs of Infants


Excipients in Neonatal Medicinal Products: Never Prescribed, Commonly Administered


Electrospun fixed dose formulations of amlodipine besylate and valsartan


The influence of different acquisition settings and the focus adjustment on Raman spectral maps of pharmaceutical tablets


Single-chain polymer nanoparticles in controlled drug delivery and targeted imaging


Setting Specifications for Excipients - Stimuli Article & Survey


Effect of the Interaction Between an Ionic Surfactant and Polymer on the Dissolution of a Poorly Soluble Drug


Integration of 3D printing with dosage forms: A new perspective for modern healthcare


Droplet Impact Phenomena in Fluidized Bed Coating Process with a Wurster Insert


How FDA And MHRA Decide Which Drug Facilities To Inspect — And How Often


Everyone wins — the benefits of an excipient GMP certification programme


Sticking and Picking in Pharmaceutical Tablet Compression: An IQ Consortium Review


Polymeric Gels: Vehicles for Enhanced Drug Delivery Across Skin


3D printed drug products: Non-destructive dose verification using a rapid point-and-shoot approach


Effects of pharmaceutical processes on the quality of ethylcellulose coated pellets: Quality by design approach


Technologies to Improve the Solubility, Dissolution and Bioavailability of Poorly Soluble Drugs


Improving Solubility of the Telmisartan that is Poorly Water Soluble by Wet Granulation and Vitrification Process


Excipients Used in Oral Nanocarrier-Based Formulations


Cold chain logistics - Special field of competence in Glatt’s Pharma Logistic Center


DEM simulation of the mixing behavior in a spheronization process


Inkjet Printing of T3 and T4 Oral Drug Combinations as a Novel Strategy for Hypothyroidism


In situ crystallization kinetics and behavior of mannitol during droplet drying


Aspartame as a co-former in co-amorphous systems


Enhancement of the solubility, stability and bioaccessibility of quercetin using protein-based excipient emulsions


Strategies to overcome the polycation dilemma in drug delivery


Parenteral nanosuspensions: a brief review from solubility enhancement to more novel and specific applications