Orodispersible Films for Compounding Pharmacies

Orodispersible film can be defined as a solid pharmaceutical form intended for the delivery and rapid local or systemic release of active ingredients, consisting of a water-soluble polymer film that hydrates rapidly, adhering and dissolving immediately when placed on the tongue or in the oral cavity (oral, palatal, gingival, lingual, or sublingual), without the need for water administration or mastication. Due to its outstanding importance in cases of emergency, practicality of use by patients in transit, and high adherence, orodispersible film has evolved in popularity and success among consumers. It is a promising dosage form for compounding pharmacies, as simpler technologies are being developed to make the compound process easier and faster for the pharmacist. This article aims to explore some of the basics on orodispersible film and the main possible preparations to be developed in compounding pharmacies worldwide.
Photo of the word Films laid with tablets in several colours
Films (Graphic by pharmaexcipients.com)