Mesoporous Biomaterials: a Lexicon and Structured Bibliography of Reviews

Accessing mesoporous and nanostructure biomaterial information can be particularly time consuming and problematic due to the interdisciplinary nature of the field. Relevant papers can be found across a broad range of journals and various key words are needed to comprehensively retrieve information. A keyword lexicon and themed bibliography of over 250 review articles from more than 100 different journals has therefore been assembled to aid students and researchers in this expanding eld. Reviews dedicated to fabrication of mesoporous materials and some key characterisation techniques are grouped together. Reviews focussed on specific medical issues like biocompatibility and toxicological testing are also provided. Medical applications that have been the focus of reviews include drug delivery, cancer therapy, medical imaging, orthopaedics, tissue engineering, bio ltration, biosensing and bioanalysis. The following mesoporous materials also have had dedicated reviews on biomedical uses: silica, silicon, silicates, metallic biomaterials, metal organic frameworks, carbonaceous materials, calcium phosphates, titania, and alumina.


Mesoporous Biomaterials: a Lexicon and Structured Bibliography of Reviews
DOI 10.1515/mesbi-2016-0001
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