Sugar Spheres: Improving clinical effectiveness with Multiparticulate drug delivery systems

ABSTRACT: The upcoming of biopharmacy in the 1950s resulted in various delayed, prolonged, sustained, extended, repeat action or in one word controlled release formulations. The establishment of those formulations is strongly connected to the development of multiparticulate drug delivery systems as they are especially suitable for achieving controlled release formulations with low risk of dose dumping while offering high flexibility in blending and outstanding reproducibility. The drug release and thus clinical effectiveness of multiparticulate drug delivery systems depends on various factors including especially the carrier. Sugar spheres are widely used as carriers due to the fact that they combine important characteristics in respect to pharmaceutical technology. Their high sphericity results in unique flow abilities which maximize the usability in filling and dosing processes while their high usability in coating processes offer great opportunities for multilayer applications often used in controlled release formulations. In respect to patient related facts much emphasis is being laid on multiparticulate drug delivery systems showing increased bioavailability, reduced risk of systemic toxicity and reduced risk of local irritation in preference to single unit (monolithic) systems. In conclusion multiparticulate dosage forms were and will be the first choice for the development of demanding controlled release formulations.

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