Direct compressible excipients for ODT formulations: comparison of traditional and innovative solution - Presentation @ ExcipientFest Americas 2017

ABSTRACT: Orally Dispersible tablets (ODTs) are innovative drug delivery systems used to improve patient compliance. For instance, they are an excellent solution for paediatric formulations, which currently have to be thoroughly considered from a regulatory perspective when developing a new drug product. In addition, ODTs are an interesting alternative for life cycle management and brand differentiation. Currently, most large excipient companies offer ODTs platforms, in order to formulate a wide range of active pharmaceutical o nutraceutical ingredients. In this presentation, traditional direct compressible ingredients for ODTs are compared in terms of critical parameters: hardness; friability; disintegration time. Among them, Omya’s innovative mineral-based solution, Omyapharm, is evaluated. Thanks to its extremely porous structure, excellent compatibility and compressibility properties and high drug load capacity, Omyapharm is an ideal excipient for formulation of ODTs providing extremely fast disintegration.

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